Ambulan RM1

The Ambulan RM1 was started as an expansion of the Teksi 10-sen service. We found out that we have problems ferrying patients who are bed-bound.

Many bedridden patients often skip their hospital appointments because they are not able to pay for private ambulance services, thus resulting in their health deteriorating further.

This in turn makes them suffer more and many choose to suffer in silence till their illness turns critical. It is often then too late for doctors to treat them. We raised our first Ambulance through social media, namely Facebook as the funds were contributed by my followers and good Samaritans.

The second Ambulance was given to us by Dato Sri’ Liow Soon Hee. Then, we received the third Ambulance from Shan Xin Organisation, the fourth Ambulance was donated by Mr. Lau Gah Seng, the fifth Ambulance was donated by public donations, and the sixth Ambulance was donated by Mr. Darren Tan from Click International Club.

We are still looking to work together to get more ambulances as there is an acute shortage of affordable ambulance services in Malaysia. As an Ambulance provider, we ferry the sick who are poor to hospitals for free, or we seek donors to sponsor a small amount for the cost of ambulance drivers and medical staff. We also provide outstation transport to patients who need to go home to recuperate.

Other than that, we also provide the LAST RIDE for patients who had expressed the wish to return home for their final journey. Most of the time, the patient’s next of kin is unable to pay for ambulance services, resulting in them being caught in a dilemma as patients have requested to go home for the last visit to their hometown or kampung.

In order to fulfill that last wish, we provide ambulance services to the whole of Peninsular Malaysia. We are eagerly looking forward to work with any corporate bodies who wants to sponsor more ambulances. NGOs too are welcome to collaborate with us to reduce the sufferings and pain of these patients. Our mission is to purchase more ambulances and to park these ambulances at places that most need ambulance services.

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