Uncle Kentang

Our Initiatives

Discover the ways we’re changing lives and building a better community through our initiatives. Explore our list of programs and services designed to support those in need and make a positive impact on society. Join us in our mission to create a brighter future for all. 

If you require assistance or have any inquiries regarding our initiatives, please contact our Hotline at 603 8065 6666 or reach out to Mr Kuan at 018 2683999. Your generous donations are greatly appreciated.

Free Spectacles

In partnership with MJ Optical, we offer free and affordable spectacles to impoverished students and those in need. Visit MJ Optical at 30, Jalan Hujan Emas 4, Taman Overseas Union, Kuala Lumpur (Mr. Taurus at 03 79721086). To request spectacles, contact us at our Hotline at 03 8065 6666.

Free Prosthetic Leg

Our program aims to provide a new lease on life by offering prosthetic legs to those in need. We collaborate with PPUM orthopedic doctors and others to determine eligibility. Only medically suitable individuals will be granted prosthetic legs, as we prioritize their well-being. To learn more, call our Hotline / 011 55052148. We are here to assess and assist you to the best of our abilities.

Food Program for the Hungry

Facing food difficulties for your children? Contact us for assistance. We assess situations and provide necessary food aid. Please note, individuals with drug abuse or severe alcohol dependency are ineligible. We distribute groceries and market food, excluding Milo. Reach out to our hotline for support at 03 80656666.

Pasar RM1

We collect preloved items, refurbish them, and sell them for RM1 to those in need. From tables, chairs, mattresses, and fridges to motorcycles, clothing, bags, and kitchen utensils – anything you donate, we sell it at RM1 to impoverished families. To donate items, call us at our Hotline at 03 8065 6666.

Ambulance RM1

Unable to afford ambulance services for your loved ones' hospital transfers? Need to fulfill their last wish to return home as advised by doctors? Don't worry. Call us at our Hotline 011 5505 2148 for affordable or free ambulance rides. We stand by you during difficult times. Don't lose hope.

Rumah RM1

Families from out of town who need to accompany their loved ones who are receiving medical care in the Klang Valley can stay at Rumah RM1 for just RM1 per night. This affordable accommodation provides them with a comfortable place to rest and relax during a stressful time.

Wound Care

For those who are unable to afford wound care services, we offer free wound cleaning. This service helps prevent infections and promotes faster healing for those who are unable to access medical care.


We support hospitals in providing quality medical care by donating equipment and supplies. Our goal is to improve the quality of healthcare for everyone, regardless of their financial situation.

Beds for the Sick

Rent electric hospital beds affordably from us. Patients cover transportation and rental costs. If you're unable to afford it due to financial constraints, contact us at our Hotline for Support.

Free Wheelchair for the Sick

Mobility is crucial for daily life, particularly for individuals recovering from illnesses or injuries. We understand the importance of independence and offer wheelchair loans to those in need. If you require a wheelchair and cannot afford to purchase one, please contact our hotline at 03 8065 6666.

Mobility Van

We provide free transportation to hospitals for financially disadvantaged individuals who are wheelchair-bound and unable to afford it. If you are sick, impoverished, and in need of assistance, please call us at 01155052148 or our Hotline for support.

Old Folks Home

We operate 2 old folks homes in Lenggeng Taman Tasik Senangin, Negri Sembilan, for males and females. Each home accommodates up to 20 residents and is managed by 3 staff members. We need funds, food, groceries, and household item donations for these homes, with monthly expenses totaling approximately RM20,000. For inquiries and donations, call our Hotline. Contributions, especially shampoos and bathing essentials, are greatly appreciated.

Call Centre for distress

Our call centre provides emotional support and guidance for those struggling with social or trauma issues. We are here to listen, offer compassionate support and help alleviate social issues that can affect the lives of Malaysians. Call us at 038065 6666 or 018268 3999.

Food Coupons

We provide free meals to individuals facing financial constraints or unable to work. Approval for assistance is subject to our available funding and assessment. Free meals will be delivered directly to homes. For more information, please contact our hotline at 03 8065 6666.

Teksi RM1

Our Teksi RM1 service is exclusively available for individuals who are sick and poor, for hospital visits only. To utilize this service, we kindly request that you book in advance, at least 72 hours before your appointment. For booking, please contact us at 03 8065 6666.

Studio Grooming

For those who wish to showcase their products, food, or businesses, our aim is to develop self-confidence and assist single parents in promoting themselves or their products. Our highly trained production team can help elevate your self-esteem and business through our green screen studio. Contact us at 018 2683999 for studio rental or usage.

Hotel RM1

We offer affordable accommodation for poor families in need of a place to stay while waiting at hospitals for their loved ones' treatment. Exclusively for poor families, we charge RM1 per stay. Hotel 99 is our partner for room rentals. To book your stay, please call early.

Kafe Anda

Kafe Anda offers discounted or free meals to those in need. Our goal is to ensure that everyone has access to nutritious and delicious meals, regardless of their financial situation.

Kedai Anda

A shop that provides job opportunities and discounted essential items.

Van Jenazah/Van Mayat

Provides free transportation services for deceased loved ones to their final resting place.